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We are a fan group of Derby County Football Club

We are a supporter group of Derby County Football Club with two main aims as of the 2023/2024 season;


1. To create visual displays at Pride Park to celebrate our rich history and culture. 

2. To campaign for a new designated block at Pride Park that allows for safe standing, drums and large flags during the match. 


In relation to aim 1) we are currently working on designs and fundraising avenues. We are hoping to have something to show you all before the end of 2023. 


In relation to aim 2) we are calling on the club to allocate East Stand block EU-J to approximately 600 like minded fans to be the spark that the Pride Park atmosphere so badly needs whilst avoiding mass relocation or obstructing the view of others. 


Further details and progress with regards to these two aims will be communicated via the No Ordinary Ethics blog.

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